Eina Aivoges is a certified health and wellness coach, a licensed medical laboratory scientist, and an avid nutritionist. She loves to travel, drink coffee, eat all sorts of food, and owns more than 3 super-duper adorable cats.

When she's not blogging, you'll find her idling in front of her laptop re-watching her all-time favorite sitcom, "Big Bang Theory".

Eina Aivoges-Kitchenicious Author and Founder

Hey there! I'm Eina.

If you're curious about my life story and why I build this site, keep reading...

Right after I graduated from the university with a Bachelor’s Degree and earned my license in the Medical Technology field, I work in a private hospital for over a year before getting hired by a government hospital.


After serving the government for almost two years, my “BIG DAY” finally came.


Yup, I’m getting married.


Since my husband works in Malaysia, I decided to quit my job and live with him here.


While the honeymoon phase and newly-wed life are exciting, heartwarming, and joyful, I have one major problem as a new, young, and pretty (?) wife — I DON’T KNOW HOW TO COOK!


To make matters worse, my husband is a picky eater and an expert cook; he even worked part-time in a restaurant while taking his law degree in Liverpool.


Devastated, I started my journey as a beginner chef, learning as much as I can with hand-me-down proven methods from my beloved mother and mother-in-law.


During my journey to become the master chef of my household, I learned considerable information about food, nutrition, kitchen preparation, and all things kitchen.


I even enrolled in both free and paid cooking class and nutrition program!


Now, I’m proud to say that I’ve earned my certificate as a health and wellness coach.


Honestly, what I’ve learnt have changed my perception about food and nutrition, and how crucial it is to get them right and eat right for a healthy, productive life.


So I build this website and started blogging about critical topics on healthy foods, nutrition, and other related topics. I also share tips and hacks in the kitchen that I’ve learnt along the way.


Hope you enjoy reading my blog and learn something from it.


And hey, thanks for being a part of my virtual life. I hope my articles can somehow transform your life for the better.


Have a wonderful day!


Best regards,

eina aivoges-KITCHENICIOUS

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