25+ Best Microwave Accessories That’ll Transform You Into A Masterchef

/ / 25+ Best Microwave Accessories That’ll Transform You Into A Masterchef

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Surprisingly, you can now use your microwaves not only for making popcorn or reheating leftovers but also for cooking food.

Over the years, manufacturers and inventors have created and perfected multiple microwave accessories to help you cook food much faster with a microwave without the soggy or dying-out effect you would normally get when microwaving.

Some microwave cooking gadgets may even let you cook something that you’ve never thought you could cook in the microwave, and they’ll be just as yummy!

So if most of your cooking revolves around a microwave just like me, or you want to prepare a quick and tasty dish, then these clever microwave kitchen tools might just be the stuff you need to become a microwave master chef.

They make microwave cooking a lot easier, safer, fun, time-saving, and space-saving.

Besides, they make a cool kitchen gift idea for microwave lovers, busy moms, and college students.

Ready? Let’s go.

1. Microwave rice steamer/cooker

If you’re a rice person like me, then you’ll find this tool quite useful, especially if you’re the type who prefers using your microwave over other appliances.

This microwave accessory helps you cook your rice to perfection effortlessly with your microwave, no matter what type of rice you use.

You can even use it for cooking oats and quinoa! It comes with a measuring cup and spoon.

2. Microwave pressure cooker

Remember those times when your pressure cooker explodes and shoots tomato sauce all over the ceiling? The reason why people still love pressure cookers despite this huge drawback is that it helps cooking big meals faster than using the oven, which is especially helpful for busy people like you and me.

Luckily, microwave pressure cooker is introduced Compared to the original appliance, this handy microwave accessory is much smaller and can cook foods much faster.

You can clean and store them easily. Since it finishes the job from within the closed door of a microwave, you are protected from the high heat and pressure.

3. Microwave grill

Grilling with a microwave? Yes, you can! And with this clever microwave cooker, you won’t have to worry about getting hard or soggy meat and steak.

Apart from grilling meat, chicken, and beef, you can also use it for cooking a frozen pizza, making a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, and cooking rice.

But since you’re dealing with steak and not every microwave is created equal, you may need to try and test your cooking strategy to get the best, savory steak that suited your palate. The gadget comes with a steaming tray and a muffin pan. 


4. Microwave pasta cooker

If you’re a microwave and pasta lover, then this gadget is perfect for you. It helps you cook pasta faster and easier. Since it is compact, it won’t take up too much space on your pantry.

The container is made of microwave-safe plastic material with a few holes on the lid, which doubles as a water strainer.

You can use it for cooking fettuccine, spaghetti, and linguine. Just be sure to follow the cooking time instructions for different types of pasta to make sure you have the perfect pasta every time.

5. Microwave rapid ramen cooker

This invention is pretty much the same as the pasta cooker, except that it is specifically created to cook ramen. It cooks your ramen in just 3 minutes without wasting time boiling water.

All you need to do is to place your ramen in the cooker, add water to the fill line, microwave for about 3 minutes, and mix them up with seasonings. Quick and easy, isn’t it?

6. Microwave steamer

This versatile microwave cooking gadget makes steaming a lot easier. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. You can use it to steam your favorite fish, vegetable, poultry, and even rice.

Some people even use it as a container to store leftovers. Just be sure to pick a microwave steamer than can fit inside your microwave to make sure it rotates perfectly for uniform cooking.

The capacity of a small steamer is around 1.4 L, whereas the medium one is about 2.4 L.

7. Microwave sandwich presser/grill

This double-sided non-stick microwave gadget allows you to make a perfectly grilled, crunchy, and crispy sandwich in just under 3 minutes.

You can also grill and toast almost anything with this versatile microwave tool, including cheese, paninis, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruit, and even burgers. The grill plates help hold in food juices.

It’s beginner-friendly and easy to use. All you need to do is to prewarm the gadget inside the microwave (900W) for about 3 minutes, place your seasoned food in between the cooker, lock it on both sides with the silicone handles, and place them in the microwave for cooking.

To get a more uniform grilling effect, you may want to try flipping your food halfway through the cooking time. 

8. Microwave egg and omelet maker

Nordic Ware has invented multiple clever microwave gadgets for eggs, which makes egg preparation much easier and faster. Its 2-cavity egg poacher let you cook two healthy poach eggs within 1 minute.

The company also designed an Omelette pan where you can prepare a delicious omelet within 3 and a half minutes using a microwave. 

In addition, you can quickly prepare an egg breakfast sandwich in under 2 minutes with its Eggs N’ Muffin pan.

There’s also an Egg boiler (that can fit 4 eggs) for those who prefer eating boiled eggs. You only need to microwave your eggs for about 5-7 minutes to get soft-boiled eggs or around 8-10 minutes for hard-boiled eggs.

9. Microwave mac and cheese cooker

You usually need about 20 minutes to cook macaroni and cheese on the stove. Microwave mac and cheese cooker, however, lets you cook a perfect mac and cheese in just within 5 minutes.

Just 5 minutes or so for mac and cheese? Super dope, right? You can even use it for cooking other foods like rice, pasta, and ramen. It is portable and easy to clean.

10.Microwave s’ mores maker

This cute, small microwave cooking gadget lets you cook s’ mores in the microwave easily within half a minute.

It prevents the marshmallow from rolling off the cracker and allows chocolate melt during cooking.

You can cook up to two s’ mores at one time. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe.

11. Microwave rapid cake maker

Yes, you can bake a cake with a microwave! If you loves cakes but are too busy to bake one, you might want to try this tool. You can get a rich, fresh, and moist cake in just under 6 minutes, which makes it 10x faster than conventional baking.

It comes with an ingredient container with fill lines for cake mix, eggs, water, and oil.

All you need to do is to add the ingredients to the fill lines, pour them in the cake baking pan, blend the ingredients thoroughly, and put them in the microwave for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Pretty easy, right?

12. Microwave rapid brownie maker

Aside from cake, you can also make a rich and tasty brownie quickly in just under 4 minutes using your microwave, which is over 11x quicker than using a conventional oven.

This reusable and BPA-free gadget also comes with an ingredient container with fill lines for brownie mix, oil, egg, and water.

The baking process is super easy; you just have to fill the ingredients container with necessary ingredients up to the fill line, pour them into the brownie baking pan and mix them well, and microwave them on high for a short 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

13. Microwave popcorn poppers

This collapsible popcorn maker is a must-have microwave accessory for popcorn lovers. Although you may find it quite flimsy, it’s actually made of high-quality antimicrobial silicone.

You can make oil-less, healthy popcorn easily under 4 minutes.

Just pour in a quarter of a cup of popcorn into the silicone bowl, put the lid inside the bowl, and microwave them around 3-4 minutes or under popcorn preset.

As the kernels pop, the lid would rise up. Once the popcorn is done, you can season it with salt and butter or any seasonings you like. The manufacture offers up to 18 color choices.

Be sure to follow the instructions closely and NEVER use oil or seasonings before cooking to prevent fire in the microwave or damage to the product.

14. Microwave corn steamer

This convenient kitchen tool allows you to enjoy yummy, nutritious steamed corn without having to wait long for your water to boil.

It is easy to use and can cook two ears of corn at the same time.

All you need to do is to place your corn in the cooker, add some water, close the lid, and place them in the microwave for about 5 to 7 minutes.

You can also use it to steam anything you want, including vegetables and hot dogs.

15. Microwave tortilla warmer

This kitchen accessory helps you keep your tortilla warm at the dining table. Its deep and huge size can fit burrito-sized tortillas and allows you to hold plenty of tortillas at a time.

It holds moisture inside and let your tortillas come out nice, flexible, and warm for a while.

You can also use it to keep your pie, as a storage container, as a massive cereal bowl (just for a change), or use it to warm your waffles, rolls, pancakes, and French toast.

16. Microwave soup mug

Whether you’re cooking fresh soup or reheating it, microwave soup mugs make everything easier and faster.

You can also use it for cooking fresh foods like seafood and preparing beverages easily and rapidly.

The most significant feature of these lightweight microwave accessories is probably the on-point vent-release system at the center of the lid, which allows steam to escape while locking in enough steam to keep your food moist and juicy.

They’re also stackable and freezer-safe.

17. Microwave tea kettle

Microwave tea kettle makes a great alternative to boiling water on the stove or heating water in a mug. You can boil water in just under 4 minutes, which is so much faster than an electric kettle.

Progressive whistling tea kettle produces loud whistle sound as a signal that the water has boiled.

On the other hand, Dependable tea kettle is designed with a double interior, which can keep your water hot for longer. It also has a small size, making it  the perfect kettle choice for travelers and people on-the-go.

Now you can prepare your coffee and soup quickly and easily.

18. Microwave rapid oatmeal cooker

Need a quick and hot oatmeal breakfast? This gadget is your lifesaver.

It prepares your favorite instant or old-fashioned oatmeal in just under 2 minutes without boiling over.

All you need to do is to pour some oatmeal into the cooker (without passing the oatmeal line), add some water (within the waterline), and microwave for about 1 and a half minutes.

Afterward, you can sprinkle some toppings like fresh fruits on your oatmeal for a tasty, healthy breakfast. Quick and easy, right?

19. Microwave potato cooker/bag

Baked potatoes are delicious. But cooking them in the oven takes a long time (up to 45 minutes!).

Microwave potato bags, however, allow you to cook the perfect baked potatoes easily and quickly within 4 minutes.

Just place your potatoes inside the bag and microwave them for about 4 minutes.

Unlike the mushy and dry potatoes that you would normally get when microwaving potatoes, your potatoes will have a fluffy inside and tender skin.

The bag can fit up to 4 potatoes at a time, depending on the sizes of your potatoes. You can wash and reuse them over and over again.

20. Microwave steam-cooking bags

This simple and easy-to-use microwave accessory lets you enjoy tasty and nutritional steamed foods in a snap without using a pot or a steamer.

You can use it to steam almost all kinds of foods, either fresh or frozen, including vegetables, poultry, and seafood.

Each bag has easy-to-follow guidelines for cooking times.

Just put your food inside the bag, add some seasoning, mix them up, seal the bag, lay them down in the microwave (with the indicated side up), and cook them within the recommended guidelines written on the bag.

Since the bag and its content get hot after microwaving, be sure to allow at least 1 minute for them to cool down before handling them.

21. Microwaveable containers, bowls, and lids

As you may already know, not all types of materials are microwaveable. Some material may melt and produce harmful chemicals when heated in the microwave.

These microwave cooking accessories are microwave safe and help you store and reheat your food safely in the microwave while preventing splatters. They come in various colors and sizes. 

Bowls like Cool Touch Microwave Bowl allows you to carry a hot bowl straight out of the microwave. It consists of 2 pieces of bowls; a ceramic and a plastic bowl.

The ceramic bowl fits inside a microwave-safe plastic bowl that stays cool to the touch. The outside plastic locks heat inside the ceramic bowl, so your meal stays hot for much longer.

22. Microwave plate cover

This microwave cooking accessory helps cover your food when it’s in the microwave.

If you haven’t read my article about the benefit of covering your food when microwaving, then you should probably read it now to get a better idea of why you should cover your food in the microwave and how they help you create a better dish.

Essentially, this kitchen tool helps prevent food splatter and promote uniform heating and cooking. 

One of the most popular microwave plate covers is the Magnetic Microwave Cover (aka the Hover Cover) which comes with four magnets on top of it. These magnets let you store the cover on your microwave’s roof after using it. Cool, isn’t it?

23. Microwave plate stacker

While a microwave lets you cook and reheat food fast, you can only cook one dish at a time.

This versatile kitchenware, however, allows you to cook two dishes at once by acting as a stand.

Apart from using it as a plate stacker, you can convert it into a tray with handles to help you hold hot soup bowls, plates, and cups.

You can also fold down the handles and use it as a splatter cover. Since its handles are collapsible, you can store it easily without taking up too much space.

24. Meat thermometer

One of the most significant caveats of the microwaves is its inability to cook food evenly, producing hot and cold spots. The uneven heat distribution may cause certain areas of your food to still carry foodborne pathogens.

So if you’re planning to cook meat with any microwave accessories I’ve mentioned above, then you’ll probably need a meat thermometer.

It ensures that your meat reaches the recommended safe internal temperature, which prevents foodborne illness while ensuring your meat is cooked to perfection. 

The instant-read thermometer gives you accurate temperature reading in as little as 2 to 3 seconds.

The right way to measure your meat’s temperature is to stick your thermometer to the thickest part of the meat since it’s likely the coldest.

25. Microwave cookbook

A microwave cookbook is a must if you want to further explore microwave cooking and prepare a variety of easy and quick meals just with your microwave.

If you’re the type who loves cookbooks with plenty of pictures and have a lower wattage microwave (around 600-700W), then try The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Microwave Cookbook, which offers over 500 recipes.

If you’re living alone or with your spouse and love preparing mug meals, then Camilla Saulsbury’s 250 Best Meals in a Mug might be perfect for you. 

If you’re a cake lover, then you can try reading the 100 Speedy Microwave Mug Cakes cookbook by Leslie Bilderback.

Other Useful Microwave Accessories

Want more microwave accessories? Here are six more microwave cooking gadgets to further boost your microwave cooking experience.

Microwave steam cleaner

This cute kitchen tool helps make microwave cleaning much easier, faster, and more fun. You just have to fill it up with vinegar and water and microwave it within the recommended time. You can also add some lemon juice to add flavor to the mixture.

Microwave oven mitts

A pair of heat-resistant mitts keep your hands from getting burned by the hot microwaved foods, allowing you to grip and transfer your hot plate, bowl, or mug safely and easily.

Microwave bowl hugger

This cute yet effective kitchen accessory allows you to hold hot bowls right out of the microwave without burning your hands and fingers. It can hold all sorts of bowls. You can also use it as a trivet.

Microwave silicone mat

This simple yet helpful 12-inch silicone microwave mat makes microwave cleanup much easier. It fits almost all sizes of turntables and can be cut to fit your turntable.

Just place it on top of the turntable before microwaving your dishes or beverages to keep splatters, spills, boil-overs, and dripping steam from dirtying your turntable.

Also, you can fold it around your hot plate, container, or bowl and use it as a holder to take your hot dish out of the microwave.

Microwave cover

Microwave covers help protect your microwave from dust and grease.

Some covers tend to be more on the decorative side with side pockets like this one, while others have an additional helpful feature like water-proof, which helps protect your microwave against splashing water.

Microwave steam sterilizer

This convenient microwave gadget protects your baby from harmful germs, killing up to 99.99% bacteria. You can use it to sterilize your baby’s bottles and pacifiers, as well as breast pumps and its accessories.

You can sterilize up to 4 bottles at a time in just a few minutes.

All you have to do is to add water, place the bottles, put the lid on, and microwave them within the recommended time.

Amazingly, it can keep the bottles sterilized for up to 24 hours as long as the lid stays closed.

Happy microwaving! 🙂


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