Kitchenicious Editorial Integrity

Considering that is a site involving life and health, the site’s editorial team ensures that each content is backed by authoritative sources to produce the most accurate, relevant, and trustworthy information.

While the site provides reliable information, it is by no mean intends to substitute for professional advice or treatment. Readers should always seek guidance from their physicians, nutritionists, or other experts in the field, especially when medical issues are involved.


Kitchenicious Original Content Selection

Kitchenicious produces original content based on the following criteria:


The site chooses topics that are related to or closely related to issues concerning food and health, such as food safety, healthy foods, healthy eating, nutrition, and food additives and toxins. The site also features topics related to or closely related to kitchen tips and hacks as well as cooking tips for beginners.


The editorial team selects topics according to their importance to the reader’s kitchen life and food choice. Each article provides practical tips and information that can transform the readers from being just a “knowledge-seeker” to an “action-taker.”


The site picks topics based on the reader’s interest and frequently asked questions on all things kitchen, food, and nutrition.


Kitchenicious References, Citations, and Sources

Kitchenicious follows a strict guideline when it comes to selecting references for the articles. The references for each article includes both offline and online resources, including:

  • Authoritative websites, such as .gov, .edu, USDA, PubMed, FDA, CDC, etc.
  • Google Scholar
  • Academic research institutions
  • Government establishments
  • Scientific and research papers
  • Medical books
  • Magazines
  • Experts interview

Sources are evaluated to make sure they are objective, reliable, authoritative, and recent. Each reference in an article is linked to its primary source.